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How to place an order


To place an order, register on the Ajax store website.


Fill in all the fields to provide our manager with complete information to process your order.

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How to apply a promo code


When placing an order, enter the promo code in the corresponding field.


Our online shopping cart is the only place to use the promo code. Please note that you can use the promo once and for its entire amount.


For example, if the promo code gives a $1,000 discount, and you placed a $1,200 order, then the total order will be $200 and you need to pay only $200. If you placed a $900 order and applied a $1,000 promo code, the total order will be $0, but the $100 balance will burn out.


How to pay for the items


Log in to the store's website and place an order using the shopping cart.


After that, a form with mandatory fields will appear on the screen. Fill in the Name, Surname field.

Order total and payment:

Our manager will immediately accept the order if the order amount is $0 (the promo code covers the total price).


If the order amount is more than $0 (the promo code did not cover the total price, or you buy without a promo code), you will receive an invoice within 3 business days.


If you place an order without registering on the website, the website will prompt you to create an account. Enter all data when placing your order.


How to get your order


We deliver the items to the address you specified when placing an order. Please note: delivery price depends on your region.Cost of delivery will be added to your order. You can check the prices here.


Order delivery can take up to 3 months. We are launching the merch store under challenging times for logistics [Ajax Systems is a Ukrainian company 🇺🇦]. Now we are working in beta mode but gradually improving the process.


We do everything to make sure our partners feel comfortable. Thank you for being with us!


For additional questions

Write to us at

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